Everyone should have the opportunity to be brilliant at work.

We help global organisations create an abundance of talent.

What we do: It’s the perfect win-win

Using science, data and consulting, we help individuals and teams fulfil their true potential so that organisations achieve their commercial ambitions.

How we do it: We’re scientists

We create impact through a scientific methodology grounded in:

What Great Looks Like™
Chemistry’s trademarked process for predicting human performance within your organisation and in the context of a role. Currently, and into the future.
The 5 Box Model
Chemistry’s scientific framework that measures the factors that consistently underpin performance in any context - intellect, personality, motivations, behaviour, and experience. Whether across groups of individuals, teams, or entire functions.

our solutions: create extraordinary results

We partner with clients to work together on these key talent areas:

Leadership performance
Understand the leadership behaviour you need, what you have today, and shift leadership behaviour to where you need it to be.
Workforce performance
Understand what creates great performance in your workforce, what’s holding it back today, and how to develop its potential.
Hiring performance
The most accurate and engaging way to select the right talent for your organisational context at scale.

Our impact

Working with Chemistry, our clients find talent is abundant not scarce. As a result, their success is easy, not hard.

We are proud to help organisations create equal opportunities for all their people to be brilliant.  Diversity is an outcome of everything we do.

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