Our solutions are driven by science.

Our consultants leverage our core methodology, What Great Looks Like, to solve the data problem impacting human performance at work.

What Great Looks Like™

What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) is a Chemistry trademarked process for creating and defining a measurable profile of high performing potential and capability specific to your organisational and role context. It forms the basis of every project we deliver and represents how we frame, design and deliver insight we use to create organisational and individual value.

We study your organisational needs and context

To understand your full organisational context and the outcomes you want to achieve as human performance is complex and highly impacted by factors such as culture, leadership, reward, systems and processes.

We define the talent your organisation needs

We study the roles in question to understand what is required to be successful in your context. And so that we can understand the talent you have, we create measurable profiles that accurately identify high performance potential and capabilities.

Our 5 Box Model

The 5 Box Model is Chemistry’s unique science backed framework for predicting human performance in any given workplace or environment, turning talent scarcity into talent abundance and powering extraordinary organisational performance.

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Intellect is the speed and accuracy at which someone takes in, processes and retains new information.

The theory behind it

General intelligence is the ability to process new information combined with the knowledge and information gathered throughout life. We measure how people process verbal, numerical and diagrammatic information.


Personality consists of innate, dispositional characteristics that influence someone's behaviour.

They affect how we approach relationships and decision making; how we feel about authority and being told what to do; whether we are conscientious or tardy; whether we feel how other people feel, or don’t.

The theory behind it

The personality psychology is rooted in the view that people are similar in some ways and different in others. These similarities and differences can be systematically identified, measured and used to predict behaviour and performance. Our framework is based on the 'Five Factor Model' which has been extensively researched for over 50 years and is the most empirically robust model of personality that exists in the world today.


Motivations are the factors that drive and sustain behaviour at work. They energise us and compel us to act in ways that contribute to performance.

The theory behind it

The motivation we experience can be 'intrinsic' or 'extrinsic'. Someone is intrinsically motivated when they do something because they find it enjoyable or satisfying. Someone is extrinsically motivated when they do something because it will lead to an external outcome such as a monetary reward. Motivation, in particular intrinsic motivation, has been linked to a greater job satisfaction, job performance and psychological well-being.


Behaviours are what someone will do at work, not what they can do. They are what others observe someone doing and are external manifestations of someone’s intellect, personality, and motivations in context.

The theory behind it

Organisational psychologists have studied work behaviours across a wide range of industries. These empirical studies have identified the behaviours that are key to job performance in most contexts.


Experience covers everything that someone has done so far. This is a variable that is most easily changed out of all 5 Box Model variables.

We create the talent abundance your organisation needs

Using the insight from our measures, we work with you to identify the talent you need and develop the talent you have.

Selecting Talent

From leadership through to large workforces, we design and implement the tools and processes to expand your talent pool by selecting the right talent for your organisation to fit your needs.

Developing Talent

Whether its one-to-one coaching or developing programmes for large groups, we work with you to execute interventions that will measurably impact the behaviours and capabilities critical to your business success.

We help you track the impact

We monitor your business outcomes with you and partner with you to get the results you need.

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