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"Built a turnaround team that created £750m value"
John Pluthero - CEO, Energis Read More »
"New product sales increased by 250%"
Hugo Mahoney - Sales & Marketing Director, LexisNexis Read More »
"Hiring Accuracy increased by 300%"
Jim Marsh - CEO, Cable & Wireless Read More »
"Attrition reduced by 85% in 9 months"
Keith Curran - Managing Director, Yes Telecom (now Vodafone) Read More »


The Chemistry Group is the only consulting firm specialising in rapid top line growth through behaviour change.


Focusing on sales and service functions our unique focus on people and behaviour change creates amazing return for large organisations.


Case Studies

Main_logo_case_study LexisNexis

Chemistry boosted our product sales by 300%

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Main_logo_case_study Yes

Reduced the attrition from 85% to 12%

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Main_logo_case_study BP

Chemistry have made a real difference to matching the right person to the right role

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Main_logo_case_study Cable &Wireless Worldwide

Chemistry has fundamentally accelerated the effectiveness of our outsource programme...”

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