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Telecommunications Leadership

Reviving revenue and market share by increasing diversity through shaking up a stale, biased leadership selection process.

A leadership team was selected that reflected the local area and people.

This resulted in an 8% EBITDA increase by the new management team.

And so 11 years of market share decline was reversed.

And so 11 years of market share decline was reversed.

And so 11 years of market share decline was reversed.

And so 11 years of market share decline was reversed.


The company’s market share was shrinking, profits declining, all while its competitors grew.

The Chemistry Group diagnosed the most glaring problem of all; the leadership team was alienated from the workforce and the customers, and were incredibly disconnected from the market that they were operating in.

Our Approach

The job was clear, create a talent strategy that put the very best leadership in place, a leadership that was local in origin, and crucially, a leadership that represented the population the business was there to serve.

Potential business leaders were either leaving the region in order to further their careers, or being overlooked by outdated search and selection processes. Chemistry needed to work with the client to reverse this trend in order to create a high performing team that understood the business and the market.

We commissioned a search company to scour the globe for homegrown talent, offering candidates the chance to come back to the Caribbean to work as part of the company’s leadership team.

By using Chemistry’s What Great Looks Like (WGLL™) and Executive Assessment capabilities the client was able to put in place an unbiased and inclusive selection process, and employed a data led approach that gained the board’s assurance. This allowed us to consider suitable candidates from the region who would previously have been overlooked. In addition, the client was also able to assess their existing talent inside the organisation on a level playing field. Meaning they  were able to measure the potential of their current employees to thrive in leadership roles, creating a pipeline of talent from within.

The Result

Using our approach we helped the company build a leadership team of Caribbean and Latin American Talent that created huge commercial success.

  • 8%  EBITDA increase created by the new management team
  • 11 years of market share decline reversed

“Chemistry’s approach revolutionised not only the way that we thought about Talent, but also created an unbiased framework to allow the company to produce its own successful leaders of the future.”

Former CEO, Telecoms Caribbean Region

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