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"Hiring Accuracy increased by 300%"
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Lorraine Makepeace

Lorraine MakepeaceHead of Amazing

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Lorraine joined Chemistry in 2004 as employee no. 6 and was the first female in the company (things have certainly changed since then!).  Prior to joining Chemistry she worked in recruitment and has always felt passionately about helping people find the right role. 

Before her recruitment experience she worked for Oracle Corporation, managing the Education Call Centre team. During her time there she won a number of awards for her innovation and contribution to the team. She worked closely with the finance team to reduce bad debt and was leading the team responsible for taking this from £5m to zero - the first time this had ever been achieved in the company's history!

Her early career includes a mix of customer service and sales roles within the IT, leisure and media industries. She feels this mix of experience helps her to really communicate with people at all levels across industry. Having joined the company as Office Manager, she then headed up Recruitment for a couple of years and is now our Head of Amazing. This means she will spend half of her time looking to enable Chemistry to attract and develop amazing people to create a truly World Class team and the other half of her time delivering projects for our clients.  Enthusiastic, driven and passionate about people, Lorraine is determined help deliver the Chemistry story!

Strength Behaviours

  • Icon-bulb Making it happen

    Lorraine reduces the internal or external constraints on self and others to enhance the freedom for action and the scope for initiative. E.g., redesigns jobs to allocate more responsibility to the people closest to the customer; strips away unnecessary bureaucracy. Is always a step ahead of the game, presenting and signposting information, structure and next steps before others have even got the issue of the agenda. Leaves others with a strong sense of personal control, power and organisation.


  • Icon-bulb Gathering information




  • Icon-bulb Creating empathy

    Lorraine constantly tests and validates own understanding of another's ideas, feelings or beliefs by using paraphrasing and summary clarification to ensure that their perspective or viewpoint is fully understood. Encourages others to disclose own true ideas, feelings and beliefs through the use of self-disclosure. Is emotionally intelligent and uses this to respond to different individual requirements to encourage openness, commits time and energy to listening and encouraging others to discuss their true thoughts, concerns and feelings.

  • Icon-bulb Processing information

    Lorraine compares merits of two or more realistic alternatives, by stating the pros and cons of each. May create over-arching plan or strategy as a result of this analysis that maximises the benefits and minimises the downsides of the original options. Manages solution comparison as a core part of solution development.