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Why I Dance Naked at Work Every Day and You Should Too?

At a festival recently my dear friend signed me up for a workshop called ‘Dance (more…)

Nov, 16, 2015


Happiness is an Inside Job

Let me ask you a question. When you woke up this morning were you excited (more…)

Nov, 10, 2015


£50,000 to Burn: How About an MBA?

It’s no secret that MBAs have traditionally been a rite of passage for some of (more…)

Nov, 05, 2015


Cutting the Gordian Knot: How Alexander the Great can help us build a stable future for the NHS

In 333 BC a young man, arriving in the city of Gordium in modern day (more…)

Nov, 03, 2015


Why unpaid internships are worse news than they sound (and they already sound bad)

Rule #3 ‘Ask yourself before you interrupt – can I Google it?’ Rule #11 ‘Learn (more…)

Oct, 29, 2015


EVENT: Join Accenture, Experian, and Chemistry for the Future of Performance Reviews

Join us for an evening of talks from one of those playing a leading role in (more…)

Oct, 28, 2015


Medibots: Machines fixing humans

Let’s fast-forward. To the year 2065… You open your eyes and find yourself in a (more…)

Oct, 08, 2015


Hiring for Attitude – Sir Richard Branson got it wrong (sort of)

Sir Richard Branson recently wrote an article for LinkedIn that has now had over 1 (more…)

Oct, 07, 2015


Meet Jay & Kane, the newest members of The Chemistry Group

(As always) The Chemistry Group has recently been growing at rapid pace with exciting new (more…)

Oct, 03, 2015


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