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Performance reviews are dead. Long live performance reviews.

So it seems annual performance reviews have failed to meet expectations for the last time. (more…)

Aug, 28, 2015


The University Challenge: What is a degree worth in 2015?

This year marks the graduation of the first students who had to pay £9,000 a (more…)

Aug, 25, 2015


Is Google Adwords holding women back?

A really worrying headline caught my eye recently: According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, (more…)

Aug, 10, 2015


Why Psychology will never change the way the world works   

In two weeks’ time I’m having an operation on my knee. The strange, and I (more…)

Aug, 05, 2015


Recruiting Innovation at SAP

Matt Alder talks to Matthew Jeffrey of SAP about the innovative approach to graduate recruitment that (more…)

Aug, 03, 2015


The Future of HR Tech: #BYOP (Bring Your Own Portal)

Perhaps one of the few advantages of hitting 50 is being able to reflect on how (more…)

Jul, 24, 2015


Chemistry in Forbes

Forbes recently asked us how businesses can overcome skills shortages in their workforces.

Our CEO Roger Philby explains how Chemistry’s unique IP holds the key for forward-thinking businesses.

Read the full article here

Jul, 20, 2015


My Hero, Ed Percival – 3 Great Bits of Advice

My dear friend, mentor and possibly my (and Chemistry’s) biggest fan, had his funeral today…I’m (more…)

Jul, 13, 2015


You really aren’t as smart as you think you are

The human brain is pretty amazing.  It is the only organ that has named itself. (more…)

Jul, 09, 2015


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